Member recruitment activities completed successfully

release time: 2015.11.06 17:42:34

     From the beginning of July farm first enterprise member experience recruitment activities, lasted more than three month received a total of hundreds of enterprises group application, too many outstanding enterprises, we in the process of audit data is really a difficult choice, had to add 10 group memberships experience, the has identified a total of group of 60, we first enterprise experience recruiting members also declared ahead of the end of, the corporate bodies to thank you for the support of our activities, grain we are deeply honored.

     The first batch of companies to experience the recruitment of members has come to an end, but our membership benefits will continue. It began recruiting members from July, we have begun to succession visit new as we experience the member enterprises, and bring our farm fresh output of agricultural products, as a member of our farm experience the first welfare. The farm is still in the construction phase of the tension follow-up we will experience to invite members to participate in more experience, help us to better the construction of grain to Italy ranch.


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