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  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting and taxation;
  2. 3 years of accounting experience in the real estate industry, familiar with the operation of financial software, can independently complete the preparation of accounting documents and financial statements, with the ability to prepare financial analysis;
  3. Familiar with the national unified financial accounting system, accounting standards, tax laws and regulations, to obtain the qualification certificate, junior accountant and above titles;
  4. It has a certain communication and coordination ability of writing ability;
Work Content:
  1. The company responsible for the daily accounting work, accurately and timely issued financial statements and tax returns, and the relevant formalities for tax;
  2. The company responsible for the review of reimbursement documents, according to the company's budget cost control;
  3. The company responsible for asset management, clean up all kinds of assets and transactions timely, ensure the safety and integrity of assets;
  4. The company responsible for the financial filing and sorting;
  5. Other work arranged the Department leader;
Resume delivery mailbox:
Please put in, marked "position + education + professional".
Contact: teacher Deng 023-67766671 Qiu teacher 023-67766671 Fax: 023-67766673
Company address: Chongqing City, the new arch in Chongqing 9 Building No. 22 (near the Chongqing science and Technology)

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