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  1. Agriculture, horticulture and other related major, bachelor degree or above;
  2. Have a solid knowledge base of agricultural professional, honest and trustworthy, hard-working;
  3. Have good communication skills and problem solving skills, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;
  4. Did the soil survey, on organic food, with good agricultural practices certification knowledge is preferred;
Work Content:
  1. To provide technical support for the cultivation and management of ecological seedlings in the agricultural project of the company;
  2. Provide technical support for the cultivation, maintenance and management of the flowers in the agricultural projects of the company;
  3. According to the production plan, the operation of the relevant agricultural machinery to complete the production target;
  4. To assist workers in production and management of agricultural technology supervisor.
Email address:
Please put in the "job + professional."".
Contact: Deng teacher 023-67766671 Qiu teacher 023-67766671 Fax: 023-67766673
Company address: Chongqing City, the new arch in Chongqing 9 Building No. 22 (near the Chongqing science and Technology

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