Investment Director

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  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related;
  2. More than 2 years of investment experience, with the investment channel or comprehensive project investment experience;
  3. Familiar with the investment process, can independently carry out investment work;
  4. The strong ability of communication and coordination, have business negotiation skills and team cooperation consciousness;

Work Content:

  1. According to the project planning, assist the investment manager to determine business positioning and merchandise categories;
  2. The responsibility to carry out investment market research, assist business manager to make the investment program;
  3. It is responsible for the specific investment project planning, implementation and promotion, customer negotiation and signing;
  4. The team responsible for the investment of construction, personnel management and training work;
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Company address: Chongqing City, the new arch in Chongqing 9 Building No. 22 (near the Chongqing science and Technology)

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