Marketing Planning Specialist

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  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or related;
  2. Have a keen insight into the market and have a certain understanding of marketing;
  3. Have good writing skills and creative thinking;
  4. The work of a conscientious and responsible, good teamwork and communication skills, strong compression capability.

Work Content

  1. Participate in market research, submit research reports or opinions, to provide reference for company decision-making;
  2. Writing and implementing marketing planning, event planning, advertising copy, evaluation of the promotion effect, grasp the market trends;
  3. Responsible for the planning and implementation of marketing work, maintaining the relationship between regional customers;
  4. Responsible for the external media maintenance work.

Email address:

Please put in the "job + + + + professional."".

Contact: Deng teacher 023-67766671 Qiu teacher 023-67766671 Fax: 023-67766673

Company address: Chongqing City, the new arch in Chongqing 9 Building No. 22 (near the Chongqing science and Technology)


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